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Centar za međunarodno humanitarno pravo i međunarodne organizacije Fakulteta političkih nauka i Udruženje za međunarodno pravo organizuju razgovor na temu:
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advokat i  savetnik Srbije pred Međunarodnim sudom pravde
četvrtak 22. mart 2007. u 19 časova (slušaonica 3)


14. januar 2007. - Treći dopunski protokol uz Ženevske konvencije od 12. avgusta 1949. godine stupio na snagu


    Treći dopunski protokol uz Ženevske konvencije od 12. avgusta 1949. godine o usvajanju dodatnog znaka za razlikovanje koji je usvojen 8. decembra 2005. u Ženevi, a  stupio je na snagu 14. januara 2007. godine.
    Protokol kojim se ustanovljava dodatni znak zaštite - poznatiji kao crveni kristal, potpisale su 84 države, a 9 je ratifikovalo ovaj značajan dokument. Republika Srbija je potpisala Treći dopunski protokol 31. marta 2006. godine i očekuje se ratifikacija ovog značajnog akta.
    Usvajanjem Trećeg protokola potvrđen je jedan od osnovnih principa  Međunarodnog pokreta Crevnog krsta i Crvenog polumeseca, princip univerzalnosti. Stvorena je mogućnost da nacionalna društva koja nisu koristila znak crvenog krsta ili polumeseca, prihvatanjem trećeg znaka budu primljena u Pokret. Znak iz Trećeg dopunskog protokola će kao i prethodni znaci, imati zaštitnu i indikativnu funkciju.


Belgrade, December 7, 2006 – Opening of the Centre for International Humanitarian Law in Belgrade
New IHL Dimension on the Balkans

    The Centre for International Humanitarian Law (IHL) was opened at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade on December 7, 2006. Being the first academic institution of this kind in the Western Balkans region, the Centre shall attempt to become a reference point for IHL issues in this part of the world through its research, educational, publishing, librarian and documentary activities.
    The opening of this Centre is the culmination of five-year long efforts of the Faculty of Political Sciences to improve understanding of international humanitarian law: in 2001, the Faculty launched the IHL studies, which have recently been expanded to include a component related to human rights. Besides, a two-semester graduate course has been established, being particularly well received by governmental institutions. Students competitions in the country and in the region became traditional, as well as the regional IHL course for students and junior teaching staff, gathering regional and international experts and participants from all over the Western Balkans. Currently the Centre is working on incorporation of IHL in training of civic education teachers in secondary schools in Serbia. “Training in the field of IHL is one of the ways in which the FPS fulfills its role in education of young people to become responsible citizens with humanitarian views”, said the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Milan Podunavac.
    International Committee of the Red Cross and the Red Cross of Serbia have supported these academic efforts, as a part of their mandate in dissemination of knowledge about international humanitarian law. The Head of the Regional Delegation of the ICRC in Belgrade, Christian Brunner, pointed out that “in its efforts to make IHL known and appreciated worldwide, in the FPS the ICRC has found a valuable institutional partner”.
    The importance which international humanitarian law enjoys in the region was confirmed today also by presence of representatives of the corps diplomatique and international organizations, as well as of representatives of the Court for War Crimes. The opening of the Centre was supported by numerous academic institutions from Serbia and neighbouring countries. This event attracted many journalists from electronic and printed media.

Belgrade, November 20, 2006 – Competition in International Humanitarian Law

    The Centre continuously train and support teams of the Faculty of Political Sciences preparing for students competitions in international humanitarian law. The FPS team, this year’s winner of the national competition in international humanitarian law, participated in the third regional Friedrich Born competition in Ljubljana, from 14 to 19 November, 2006, within the framework of qualification for the Jean Pictet Competition. This year, the Friedrich Born Competition gathered 11 teams from Central Europe. The team of the Budapest Faculty of Law won the first place. The FPS team consisted of Snezana Ljusic, Nemanja Grbic and Milan Gnjidic, the 4th year students of the Department of International Relations. Nemanja Grbic, a member of this team, was awarded a prize for the best speaker..



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